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Our professional team specialise in letting UK properties in the Mildenhall and Lakenheath areas as well as the surrounding towns and villages. Our expertise is particularly aligned to US military personnel and our service unlike many other agents is totally free of charge to all prospective tenants and our tenants who are active duty military members, GS Personnel or DOD employees. baseLETS offers a full range of services to Landlords, from tenant searches to property management. Our aim is to offer a superior level of personal service ensuring you of the best possible support. 

Whether you are PCSing into the area, looking for alternative quality accommodation or would like to find an agent that will support you in the management of your property, we believe baseLETS Ltd is the letting and management agent that will demonstrate good business attitude and will soon gain your trust. We understand that letting or renting, especially for the first time, can be a worrying experience and with this in mind our most important consideration is providing Tenants and Landlords the best possible service.

baseLETS offices are conveniently located to all Military bases within the local area:

MILDENHALL: 3 Holmsey Green, Beck Row, Suffolk, IP28 8AJ (immediately across from RAF Mildenhall Flight Line)

LAKENHEATH: 5 Shopping Centre, Earls Field, Lakenheath, Suffolk, IP27 9RX (outside GATE 2 RAF Lakenheath) 


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With many years experience in property, we endeavour to provide a first class service to our clients, at all times. Contact baseLETS to arrange a FREE, no-obligation valuation of your property. We can also provide you with advice and expertise to help you let your property.

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